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Band Talk with Charlie Menghini and Friends

Welcome to Band Talk, the only podcast where it is OK to "Talk in Band!"  

Apr 26, 2020

Dr. Steve Gage of Youngstown State University talks about expectations and a programming tip he learned from Frederick Fennell.  Matt Ingelson of Desert Hot Springs, CA provides profound insights about adjusting his teaching style to meet the needs of the students and community.  Robert Sloan of Van Wert, OH shares his...

Apr 19, 2020

Dr. Tim and Scott Rush talk about including Leadership into distance learning through their book, Pathways to Success.  Joe Alessi, principal trombone of the New York Philharmonic shares stories of his childhood, including a wild junior high school experience, and the simple thing he did that helped him land his first...

Apr 13, 2020

Erin Cole chats about what directors should do to prepare their students for the honor band experience and gives three tips on what directors need to do every day.  H. Robert Reynolds shares the story of how he got from a school horn player in Pennsylvania to become the director of the University of Michigan...

Apr 6, 2020

Jeff Conner, leader of and trumpet player in the Boston Brass and John Armato, a Senior Partner and Creative Strategies for Fleishman-Hillard Public Relations in Sacramento, CA and a lifelong drummer, both share stories of how their school band experiences influenced their lives.